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box in the cha chaan teng


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Lin Qing naturally black-and-blue get hurt, seeing will be humiliated, when Lin Qing is almost despairing a person alone at great the interest make a living away from home in Anne Ling of'Teng green mountain'appear.The Teng green mountain lightning flash sort makes moves and get hurt of Lin Qing even in haven't seen pure, those five big fellows have already fallen on the ground collapsed and fainted.
  "Hum ……" starts to recall at the beginning of affair, Lin Qing is unbearable low to hum a , on the face but is present one silk smiling face.
  "Teng green mountain he at that time Best Hunting Knife unexpectedly still wanted let I a person alone walked return to, luckily, also not calculate too cruel.Carry on the back on the whole me back."In the Lin Qing brain once presented an act act at the beginning of scene, on the back of Teng green mountain, seem drifting boat, returned to bay.No matter the hill path is much rugged, Lin Qing all feels heart in quite.
  Fully 20 inside the road is still a rugged hill path, the Teng green mountain carries so Lin Qing to arrive destination.
  The ordinary people walk 20 inside hill path all tired sufficient Qiang, don't even say to carry to greatly live a person.And still at great interest Anne Ling unmanned area that kind of place.Even if is an excellent special kind soldier, perhaps also the anti- don't live.
  Mysterious youth'Teng green mountain'and the Lin Qing Er people are great interest Anne Ling difference after, Lin Qing Ben thinks hard again see a Teng green mountain, who want to unexpectedly again run into at the this Anne proper county city.
  "Teng green mountain ……" Lin Qing still sinks to immerse in the recollection.
  "The Yi, Lin Jie, sees, Teng green mountain he appeared!"Horsetail plait girl'the Xiao is quick'of voice, let Lin Qing Jing wake up, not from turn a head, follow a window with a downward exposure noodles to see.
  The opposite of the window woulds be a welfare hospital, full name'China Xin child welfare hospital', Lin Qing and Xiao is quick through the drill ground vacant land of hospital that the window can be clear to see a welfare.This time, one is dressed in a common recreation to pack and wear the short hair youth of fixing attention on the mirror is carrying a big wash basin that filled an apple, arrived at vacant land up.
  ", Apple!"
  "Eat an apple."
  "Line up quickly, eat an apple."
  "Don't be disorderly, you are in my behind.Line up."
  Originally at play of the children immediately rounded to come over and aware of self ground to line up very much at the same time two squads.
  China Xin child welfare hospital, will give these orphans one person's one glass milk every morning, but in the afternoon then a fruits.These orphans at ordinary times also nothing important snack, so they is particularly attracted to the fruits in afternoon.
  "Thank uncle Teng."
  These lovely kid, get hold of red all of apple after, Best Hunting Knife all shout 1 very lovely.
  That short hair youth listenned to, on the face also not from present smiling face, then don't stop to issue fruits in the hand.
  Inside reserved box in the cha chaan teng, Lin Qing and Xiao quick 2 people just watch the short hair youth issuing fruits through the window.
  "Lin Jie, you see a Teng green mountain that guy smile much happily and see, he is to like child very much."The Xiao sensitive sighs to say.
  "He was to like child very much, otherwise can't came to this welfare hospital to be free righteousness work, either."Lin Qing's vision completely coagulates at under short hair youth' Teng green mountain' body up, the Teng green mountain treats the smiling face of the orphans that earnestness and completely draws on her, " Xiao is quick, I suddenly thought of to be going  to do a matter."
  "Do what matter?"Xiao quick eyes a bright.
  Lin Qing feels deeply about 1:"China Xin old woman, depend one person's dint, maintain this welfare hospital for 30 years, very worth admire ……I prepare to contribute money 1,000,000, so, you go to and welfare hospital of the person get in touch with for a while."
  At present already the year lead 80 of China Xin the old woman is exactly China Xin the director of the child welfare hospital.


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box in the cha chaan teng
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