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Did you know that police body cameras begin recording ?


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Cops found drugs, but not with cameras on. Because baltimore city is a complete shit-hole with lenient judges that have such a huge backlog of criminals to process, they don't bother charging unless rock solid evidence. Police re-plant drugs so that they can find it "on camera" and make it admissible evidence, but end up screwing themselves in the process.
Or maybe i'm wrong and there isn't a single piece of shit in this wonderful city that I live in and that's why people are totally not leaving in droves every year, myself included.
That said, the cops here can be trash too. But you would too if you constantly saw the same people you absolutely knew were criminals getting away with everything they do, year after year. Not to mention the people that actually want to be City cops aren't exactly the best/brightest, they all move to county as soon as they do their 1-4 years.

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Did you know that police body cameras begin recording ?
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