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Controllers not really used beyond casual play?


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Every now and again I hear about people using a controller for "casual questing" or other types of non-demanding content. Isn't there anyone that uses them for anything at least semi-serious? I've seen people wonder how you could even do something simple like target enemies or loot with a controller, but even raiding at a decent level isn't out of reach. There's quite a few controllers to choose from that support both Consoleport and custom bindings on Steam, so you can work with pre-made options or make your own bindings that use things like assigning multiple keys to one button, based on how it's pressed, using radial menus on analog sticks for hotkeys, switching the controller's whole binding setup on the fly (perhaps between different setups for melee, healing, etc), using gyro or touchpads to supplement mouse control or hotkeys, binding a mouse location on-screen to a button or a mouse area to an analog stick or trackpad, etc. There's a lot of options. 

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Controllers not really used beyond casual play?
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